Next Generation Buying Power & Risk Monitoring Engine

The Sarna Buying Power (BP) Engine is a service that provides end of day, intraday, and real-time pre trade buying power and margin calculations for securities and complex derivatives. The engine seamlessly takes inputs such as account type, existing and proposed positions, and balances and outputs calculations that you can use for pre trade monitoring and settlement.

Integration Ready

Cloud or On-Premise

Multi Asset Types

State of The Art Technology

Greater Capabilities for your Business:

  • Solution that leverages the latest and greatest in tech to respond to the needs of broker dealers, professional traders, clearing houses and exchanges alike.
  • Specialized in derivatives, provides support for other asset types, and it is Regulation T compliant. 
  • Technology that empowers its users to offer the next generation of digital trading experience.

Reach Another Level

Buying Power Engine which empowers you to do more:

  • Capital Requirements: allows Limited Margin accounts to trade all spreads strategies, including shorts.
  • Proposed Orders and Working Orders: support for pre trade and intra-day risk checks.
  • Fractional Values: enables fractional share investing across asset types including equity option spreads.

Equity Option Spreads

Unprecedented and Versatile Pairing Algorithm:

  • Universal Spreads: recently approved single and universal definition of a spread resulting in additional requirement improvement opportunity.
  • Multiplier vs Contract Size: proper utilization of Multiplier for requirement calculations and Contract Size for strategy pairing.
  • Adjusted options: support for all adjustment types.
  • Ratio spreads: mixed security types including option leg(s) covering stocks or option-only (e.g. butterflies).
  • Marginable Leaps: ability to include Leaps into marginable equity with configurable requirement level.


Performance & Scalability:

  • Concurrent processing: designed to take advantage of all available CPUs, or ....
  • GPU ready: to reach extreme performance and scaling via CUDA based GPUs.
  • Pairing algo optimized for speed: seeking strategy pairing alpha via the most performant data and processing structures.
  • API centered architecture: low friction integration via platform agnostic endpoints.
  • Load-balance: via distributed load balancing pattern leveraged by the engine.
  • Proprietary-Trading grade performance: ~1 ms average request processing time.
  • Clearing-House performance: provides reliable backbone for corrections, adjustments or re-runs.

Go Further

More features for robust risk management:

  • Special Margin Requirements: allows ability to feed intra-day based on custom risk calculations models.
  • Special Memorandum Account Debit (SMA): provides ability for intra-day SMA calculations.
  • Clearing House vs BD Requirements: provides BD specific along with "unnormalized" requirement values for more accurate margin call monitoring.
  • Blockchain Private Audit Logging: ready to integrate with tamper-proof audit logs via BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) or custom implementation.

Made to Fit

On-fly configurability for rapid and developement-less adjustments:

  • Initial Minimum Equity per account type and strategy.
  • Pattern Day Trader minimums.
  • Strategies per trading level and account type.
  • Special Requirements default thresholds.
  • Configurability goes further: input lots aggregation, SMA and Requirement calculators, pricing values, orders, and more...

Interested to learn more or request a demo?

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