Buying Power Engine

The Sarna Buying Power Engine is the most powerful pre trade risk solution in the marketplace. It has been tested and used by large securities and futures clearing firms and even small online brokerage startups looking to build out their capabilities. Sarna Technologies offers flexible software licensing options to fit your specific needs and budget. Please download our fact sheet for more information.


In order to provide the best customer experience to our users, we offer consulting and integration support services. Our team of experienced developers and industry experts can help you quickly deploy and configure the Sarna BP Engine.

Working with Sarna

Sarna Technologies utilizes Agile software development processes where requirements and solutions are developed through collaborative presales and post-sale working sessions. Each session can involve our team working through full software development cycles including planning, requirement gathering, design, development, and testing/acceptance. This approach helps minimize risks and allows us to adapt to changes quickly.

During our presales engagement, we will work with your team to scope out tasks and objectives. We will then provide you a detailed statement of work and estimate

Interested to learn more or request a demo?

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