Will smaller firms remain competitive after North America's shift to T+1?

By Doug Miles

Thursday, February 15, 2024

The implementation of T+1 settlement in North America marks a significant shift in market dynamics, creating both challenges and opportunities for smaller firms. As the industry prepares for this change, the impact extends beyond equities in North America to adjacent asset classes and functions, with global markets also considering adjustments to their settlement cycles. This transition presents unique difficulties across time zones and highlights the fragmentation of settlement cycles between major markets. A panel of industry experts offers insights into market readiness, the challenges faced by smaller firms in adapting to these changes, and the potential strategies for maintaining competitiveness. Their discussion sheds light on how smaller firms can navigate the new landscape, leveraging agility and innovation to thrive in a T+1 world.

For those interested in the implications of T+1 settlement and its effect on smaller firms' competitiveness, the linked article provides a comprehensive analysis and expert insights into how these entities can adapt and succeed in this evolving environment.

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